The Benefits of Engaging a Builder Early

So you’re ready to build your dream home – now what? Many clients think their first step is to engage an architect or building designer and get their design sorted. It makes sense – after all, you can’t build a home with no plans. However, there are multiple benefits to engaging a builder first – you’ll save money, time and allow for a seamless and stress-free build.

Here’s why.

1. Reduced risk of budget blowout

While most architects have a general understanding of how construction can cost, they don’t have access to current prices of materials and labour. Therefore, while they can estimate when drawing up your plans, that’s all it will be – an estimate.

When you engage a builder alongside an architect, they will be able to provide informed advice on the actual costs, resulting in plans that sit within your budget. A builder will also be able to advise on building feasibility, suggesting alternatives if an element of your design looks to be too expensive or impractical.

2. Faster timelines

Having a builder work in collaboration with an architect means you’ll be able to get more done at a faster pace than if you work with one party at a time. A builder can look after the paperwork and documentation, leaving an architect to focus on the important bit – designing your home.

It also reduces the need for back and forth during the project and the risk of large design changes along the way. Your builder will be able to assist from the outset, ensuring the final design is both architect and builder approved. They’ll also have a strong understanding of the project as a whole, so will be able to address any issues as they arise, without waiting on input from other parties.

3. Informed expertise

Custom home builders usually have experience with a wide range of projects, having overcome challenges like sloping sites, difficult-to-access blocks, environmental factors and planning permissions. By including a builder early on in the process, they can provide solutions based on real experiences that are factored into timelines and design. This will then save you time and money, as you’ll be able to prevent possible delays and factor in any additional costs early on in the process.

A builder’s opinion may also prove useful when reviewing plans – a fresh set of eyes never goes astray! If they do pick up any design issues, these can be rectified before a brick is laid, saving you time and money.


If you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of engaging a builder early, or you’re ready to start bringing your luxury Sydney home to life, get in ouch with the expert team at Phase Projects today.

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