At Phase Projects, we aren’t in the business of churning out high-quantity, low-quality, one-size-fits-all homes.

We believe in empowering you to create your dream home. It’s a great thing when your passion and expertise are aligned – and we’re grateful for the opportunity to continue realising our client’s most spectacular visions.

Our expertise allows us to build beautiful custom homes that are:


While our work is driven by the pursuit of class and elegance, we never sacrifice form for functionality. Rest assured that the bold finishes and intriguing details of your home are underpinned by an industry-leading execution of functional design and building strategies.

We’re all about emphasising comfort and functionality, and we excel at designing homes that seamlessly align with diverse lifestyles.



We build homes that marry modern elegance with timeless boldness. While we plan work at the cutting edge of design and building practices, we don’t succumb to passing trends. Instead, we prefer to guarantee the longevity of your home by sticking to what we know best – classic, refined design and industry-leading processes. Furthermore, we consult our clients to ensure that their home is flexible enough to evolve with their short and long-term life goals.

We like to think that building with Phase Projects provides an insight into your future, as we specialise in homes that embody the lifestyle our clients want to live.



At Phase Projects, our projects highlight and prioritise liveability to your unique needs and desires. No vision is too great and no detail too small – wepride ourselves on going to extreme lengths to meet and exceed our clients’ demands. We believe that embarking on a new home build is an investment in your lifestyle and wellbeing that should not be short cut or short-changed. Luxury is personal, which is why we pay close attention to your unique preferences and needs throughout the building process.

Our commitment to quality is evident from start to finish – from our affinity for sturdy structures to our deep appreciation for the details that truly make a home feel special. Crucially, our years of industry experience have taught us the value of balance, ensuring we bring to life both your grandest and simplest desires in a harmonious way.

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